Posted by: Admin | April 21, 2010

Be Cool, Save Money

Recently I applied a reflective white coating to a metal roof.  The elastomeric (that’s just a fancy word meaning flexible) paint is latex based so it cleans up with water and flows on nicely.  Depending on the condition of the roof the application is straight forward, cleaning and wire brushing any loose paint on the roof may be all that is required.   For best results at least two coats are recommended and can be applied in just a couple of days on a smaller roof (like many here in Lake Worth).

Of course the coating seals the metal roof, protecting it from corrosion.  But the real reason for this application is to lower the load on the air conditioning in the summer. The bright white reflective paint will significantly lower the temperature in the house’s attic spaced.  This coupled with good attic insulation will make this a job that will pay for itself.



  1. Tom,

    Excellent Post. I can tell you as an Energy Rater, a White Metal Roof is the most energy efficient roof you can have.

    Good Work!

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